Assessment at the UVA Library

Research & Insights

The Library’s Assessment team employs a variety of methods to monitor Library services, collections and user needs. We analyze these data to provide actionable insights and strategies. Specifically, we:

  • Collect, compile, and analyze data about the University of Virginia Library for planning and decision-making within the Library and University, and for sharing with other agencies.
  • Regularly survey faculty and students about their satisfaction with Library services.
  • Design and conduct user research and usability studies.
  • Compile and manage documents related to Library strategy, and make them available to the staff and public.
  • Conduct web analytics reports and accessibility audits to monitor the health of the online library environment.
  • Interact with various user and staff communities to identify needs and priorities, and improve the Library experiences of faculty and students.

Training & Support

The Assessment team also works collaboratively with groups and individuals both within and outside of the Library to provide consultation and training on assessment methodologies and techniques. We:

  • Assist departments in using data or analytics from Library systems (e.g. Directors’ Station, Piwik) and periodically offer training in their use.
  • Assist with applications to the University of Virginia Institutional Review Board for Social and Behavioral Sciences (IRB) for Library projects involving human subjects.
  • Help staff in their own assessment or usability projects, and actively promote best practices in user-centered services.
  • Develop and share expertise in various data collection and analysis techniques, including focus groups, surveys, analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, etc.

Contact Us

We welcome hearing from you. You can email the Assessment team directly at libassess@virginia.edu.