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University of Virginia Library User Surveys

Each Spring, the University Library launches a survey to UVA faculty and students. The survey helps us to identify trends in service satisfaction and use, as well as to identify current areas for improvement.

For those questions that ask for a rating, typically a 1-5 rating scale is used, with 5 representing the highest score.

2016 Library User Survey

In 2016, the Library User Survey was in the field for the last 2 weeks of March.
Highlights for this year include the differing needs of our Library community, the deep engagement of graduate students with the Library, mediocre satisfaction with our locally digitized text collections, the low awareness of some Library services, the high value of Library staff assistance, and the continued prominence of Alderman. Overall satisfaction remains high, although there was a slight dip from 2015.

Click on the graphic below to view an executive summary of the 2016 Library User Survey.


2016 Full Report and Additional Information

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